If you wish to report an absence due to illness, please ring the dedicated absence line on 01283 890772. 

If you wish to inform us of a Planned Absence (medical appointments, driving lessons, driving tests etc), please click the link below and complete the form. Please upload evidence of appointments.

John Taylor High School (

Thank you

The Sixth Form Team

Amy Spurrier
Phone: 01283247843

Year 12 Year 13
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We have been asked by the Club Steward of Barton Bowls Club to politely request that parents and students do not use their car park as an area for pick-up/drop-off, or for parking during the day. Access is required to the site during the day for deliveries and events. Many thanks for your support with this.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
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Effective Revision Skills Booster is a free self-paced online course which draws on learning research to provide a highly practical, step-by-step guide for students to help make their study and revision more effective throughout their courses.

By working their way through the teacher-guided videos and activities, students discover:

  • How to set up an effective revision environment
  • What is meant by a revision mindset
  • Revision myths - and how to bust them!
  • How we learn - key findings from the science of effective learning
  • How to plan your revision
  • What good revision looks like
  • How to using flashcards and mindmaps
  • Ways to complete effective revision notes
  • How to use questions and testing in revision

As a parent, you may want to create an account and complete the course yourself so that you can support your son/daughter to revise effectively or ask them to complete it and tell you what they are going to do differently to prepare for future assessments.

To create an account and complete the course please click here

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
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  featured image

The following students have been awarded a Hot Chocolate with the Head this week. Congratulations!

Aart 7A

Alice 7O

Alice 7R

Amelia 7A

Ava 7L

Barnaby 7O

Edward 7A

Freya 7L

Immy 7A

Issy 7L

Jake 7H

Michael 7L

Paula 7L

Reuel 7Y

Silver 7L

Thomas 7J

Chloe 8R

Jess 8O

George 9R

Imogen 9A

Nathaniel 9Y

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This year we are going to carry out our Christmas Care Home Project again. This means that local care homes will be receiving Christmas cards for their residents (written by Y8), handmade Christmas tree decorations (made by Y7) and 'Merry Christmas' banners (made by Y9). We hope to spread a little joy to the elderly in our local community through these gifts.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
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We have started our annual Christmas food bank collection and would really appreciate your support! The most needed items are as follows; tinned meat, pasta sauce, long life milk, biscuits, jam, mince pies, cereal, biscuits, chocolate, Christmas puddings, crisps, squash. Any donations are greatly appreciated. This year alone we have provided 970 meals! 

Please give any donations to your form tutor before 10th December. Thank you for your continued support. 

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Many online challenges are harmless, fun and can even be positive, such as supporting charitable causes. But there are many that are risky and potentially harmful. Recently TikTok commissioned a study looking at harmful/dangerous challenges, stating that 1 in 5 teenagers have taken part in an online challenge, 1 in 50 have taken part in a challenge the teen has deemed to be risky and dangerous, and 1 in 300 have taken part in a really dangerous challenge.

We strongly encourage parents to check their child's social media accounts and material that they are accessing to prevent them from harm. It is hoped that in the future, as an outcome of the research that has taken place involving Tik Tok, teachers, students and parents that more will be done by the platform to reduce the risk to children and young people. In the meantime, we ask for your support in helping to keep our children and young people safe online. 

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
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Please find attached the results of our Student Safety Survey, and the actions we have taken as a result of this.  Many thanks to all of those who shared their views with us.

Miss N Dean 

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Upper School.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
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Please find attached details of Health for Teens, who advise teens on all aspects of their physical and mental health. You can get more information at their website,

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
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What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. You’re an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. By the end of an apprenticeship, you'll have the right skills and knowledge needed for your chosen career.

It can take between one and 6 years to complete an apprenticeship depending on which one you choose, what level it is and your previous experience. It’s funded from contributions made by the government and your employer.

Levels of an apprenticeship

Each apprenticeship has a level and an equivalent education level. You can start an apprenticeship at any level. 

Depending on the level, some apprenticeships may:

  • require previous qualifications such as an English or maths GCSE
  • give extra training in the English or maths skills needed so you’re at the right level

At the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll achieve the equivalent education level. For example, if you complete a level 3 apprenticeship, you’ll achieve the equivalent of an A level.

Level Equivalent education level
Intermediate 2 GCSE
Advanced 3 A level
Higher 4,5,6 and 7 Foundation degree and above
Degree 6 and 7 Bachelor’s or master’s degree

To become an apprentice, you must:

  • be 16 or over
  • not already be in full-time education
  • live in England

Searching for an Apprentceship:

There are lots of different ways that you can search for an apprenticeship. We advise our students to register and create an account on the Government Apprenticeship website (click here). This enables students to set up e-mail alerts for apprenticeships that become available within a certain distance of their home and within a specific sector.

You will also be aware that as a school we have invested in a careers platform called Unifrog. This platform is a one-stop shop for everything linked to careers. There is a specific section on apprenticeships which enables students to search either all of the apprenticeship standards or specific sectors if they already know which industry that they want to work in. The platform will search for vacancies within a certain distance from the students home and provides detailed information on each opportunity as well as how to apply. Please ask your son/daughter to login to their account to show you this facility.

Finally, students can also register their interest directly on businesses websites. This will enable them to receive e-mail updates of when opportunities go live.

If a business or company contacts the school directly with an opportunity we will share this with students via e-mail and via this bulletin.

Year 13 students who are looking for a Higher or Degree Level Apprenticeship.

If you are looking to progress to a Higher or Degree level apprenticeship following your A level studies, please review the opportunities below:

Year 11 Year 13 Careers
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We have our last open event of the year next week at Stafford College, Thursday 2nd December 5:30-8pm. This is great opportunity for students who have not attended an open event as yet, to come and have a look around the college or for students who came to the last event to revisit. 

There will be talks throughout the evening, all subject staff available to discuss courses, live demonstrations and current students on hand to show students the college and all the facilities.


Alternatively we have the following open events running early next year:

Stafford open events:

Saturday 5th February 10-12noon

Saturday 21st May 10-12noon


Newcastle open events:

Saturday 22nd January 10am-12noon

Saturday 7th May 10am-12noon


New courses:

We are happy to announce three new courses on offer for September 2022, all information can be found on the website via the links below.


A level Environmental Science:


A+ Engineering:


BTEC Level 3 Motorsports Engineering (Stafford only):


Year 10 Year 11 Careers
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The Year 9 KS4 Options process is well underway. A reminder to parents and students to view the presentation from Mr Twynham and individual subject presentations from the link on the front page of the school website or through this link: John Taylor High School (

Students should be mindful of their pathway when choosing their options and this can be seen when the students log onto the ‘Make my Selection’ of the webpage here: JTHS Options. Students should use their normal school username and their date of birth to login. The deadline for submission of options is 13th December 2021.

Any questions should be directed to

Year 9
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We have several diabetic students at JTHS and believe it is important for all students to have an understanding regarding the complexity of diabetes. Students will be learning about diabetes and in response to this, on Friday students are asked to wear bright and/or odd socks and bring in 50p minimum to raise money for Diabetes UK. Students must bring in exact monies they are donating, we cannot give change. I will update you about money raised!

Thank you for your support. 

Miss D Sears

Head of Y8

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
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  featured image

The following students have been awarded a Hot Chocolate with the Head this week. Congratulations!

Ella   7T

Habibah   7A

Jessica   7H

Joe   7O

Luca   7R

Nathaniel   7R

Zoe   7R

Emily   8A

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Dear Parents or Carers

Sixth Form Dress Code

The sixth form team would welcome your support in ensuring that sixth form students adhere to the Dress Code which can be viewed on our website or below. The main areas of concern are:

  • Students are wearing sweaters instead of a blazer. A plain jumper (knitwear) is acceptable if worn underneath the blazer but NOT in place of it. The jumper should NOT be branded.
  • If students choose to wear a skirt, this should be of an appropriate length and sit just above the knee. A skirt should not be made of an elasticated fabric and should match their jacket (the dress code does stipulate that a two-piece suit should be worn).
  • If a student chooses to wear a two-piece dress suit, the dress should be a formal suit style. Students should not be wearing jumper dresses or dresses made from an elasticated fabric. Again, the length of the dress, should sit just above the knee.
  • Nose studs are NOT permitted.
  • Sixth Form students MUST wear their ID badge and school lanyard around their neck, clearly on display, at all times. Many students choose to carry these in their pocket, please remind your son/daughter that this should be worn around their neck as soon as they enter the school site. This is in line with our safeguarding policy.

Decisions regarding whether an item of a student’s dress is in line with the dress code will be made by the Sixth Form Office. If in any doubt, please keep all receipts and tags on items so that they can be returned if necessary. If a student’s uniform is not in line with the policy, they may be given a piece of school clothing for the day. Persistent failure to adhere to the dress code will result in a detention.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The Sixth Form Team

 Sixth Form Dress Code 2020.pdf


Year 12 Year 13
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You will shortly be able to see Year 10 GCSE Target Grades in Go4Schools for your child. This will appear alongside a 'Current Grade' which is a combination of assessments completed so far and a 'Projected Grade' which is the grade that the class teacher believes the student could achieve at the end of the course. The 'Projected Grade' is based on their current 'live' grade as well as the progress they could make given their current work and attitude to learning.

Target Grades

At John Taylor we use Fischer Family Trust (an external organisation) to create minimum expected grades for each student. FFT compare each student with all other students nationally who achieved the same KS2 average point score and the average GCSE grade they achieved for their subjects. We then cross-reference this with previous national results. Teachers are able to moderate those grades to ensure that they are appropriately challenging and the resulting grade becomes the initial target grade. These grades are then reviewed again at the end of Year 10.

Year 10 Reports
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COVID-19 Vaccinations age 12-15 

For any pupils who were unable to receive their Covid vaccination in school on 17/11/21, there will be another Vaccination session in school on Tuesday 23/11/21.

This is for those pupils that the team already have a consent form for. 


There are also alternative venues locally where the vaccination is also available - see the following links


Thank you for your support


If you have any queries, please contact the Team directly on:

0300 124 0366

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Dear Parent/Carer

Please find attached information from Staffordshire County Council regarding knife crime.

Miss N Dean

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Upper School.

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Winvic Construction, a leading national contractor based in the Midlands and IM Properties, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned investor developers delivering manufacturing and logistics schemes are holding a virtual insight session into the world of Construction.

Come and discover what the construction industry has to offer and hear about the exciting Mercia Park project, where we are delivering a new 238-acre high-quality employment park in North West Leicestershire.

This opportunity will include:

  • An introduction to Winvic, IM Properties and what we do
  • A chance to explore opportunities in the industry and learn more about the wide range of roles available
  • Project Lifecycle and Virtual Site Tour
  • Technology advancements within the industry, e.g. using green technologies, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Interactive Q&A session
  • Opportunity to network with industry professionals
  • Overview of the pathways to qualifications and employment.

Whilst this opportunity is open to all we are especially looking for students in the following areas to apply:

Hinckley and Bosworth, Lichfield, North West Leicestershire, North Warwickshire, South Derbyshire and Tamworth.

The session runs from 4pm until 6pm.

Come along to gain an insight into Winvic, IM Properties and more.

Hear about civil engineering, the creation of a brand new employment park delivering industrial commercial buildings – for major manufacturing and logistics companies like Jaguar Land Rover and DSV.

To create an account and book, click here.

Please log in to the Classroom at 3.50pm and be ready to start at 4.00pm. The placement will run from 4pm to 6pm.

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Careers
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A reminder that booking for Y10 Parents' Evening closes at 6pm on Monday 29th November. You should have previously received an email with instructions on how to book your Parents' Evening appointments via SchoolCloud.  These instructions are also included below, along with a video showing how to add a second parent/carer to the appointments, and the instructions for attending your appointments via video call.  We ask in the case of separated parents that one parent/carer only books the appointments, and uses the instructions below to allow access for the second parent/carer. The web address for our SchoolCloud system is

If you have any problems booking your appointments, please contact Mrs Kirkpatrick or Mrs Davies at

Video: Parents - invite another parent/guardian to join your appointments - SchoolCloud Parents Evening (

Year 10 Parents Evenings
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