Curriculum Mapping Document


STRIPE Skill Assessment

Subject Overview

Assessment Points/


STRIPE Frontiers

Self Manager


Arrive full prepared


Be consistently organised


Design and follow a plan


Concentrate and focus


Design and Technology – Pupils will design and create their own Top Trumps cards on Adobe Illustrator in the theme of either Space, Wild West or Antarctica.

Design Skills


Product Analysis


Adobe Illustrator

History –Pupils will design and create a PowerPoint presentation based on their research topics of Space or the Wild West, which they will deliver to the class at the end of the rotation.



Second Order Concept


PowerPoint Delivery


Geography – Pupils will explore Antarctica and evaluate the reasons why Captain Scott’s mission to the South Pole failed.

Cartography Skills


Analysis and Evaluation Skills

STRIPE Movement

Team Player


Work well with others


Take roles within a group


Compromise to succeed


Leadership and communication

Design and Technology – Pupils work in teams to produce iterations of vehicles to test out their hypothesis about different forces. Pupils also explore structure, accuracy and basic card and paper modelling skills.





Design Skills

Maths – Pupils will work as a team to learn new skills and then apply them to problem solve and analyse data collected in both Maths and DT Stripe lessons.

Using a Calculator




Scatter Graphs



Science - Pupils work as a team to collect reliable data and investigate the factors that affect the motion of an object.

Scientific Enquiry




Topic Test


Reflective and Resilient


Identify strengths


Show perseverance


Attempt improvements


Set and achieve goals

Art – Pupils are to draw their own self-portrait looking at artist Sarah Beeston using personal influences.

Observational self portraits


Painting techniques


Artist Research

Computing – Pupils will investigate images in the form of Bitmap and create their own Emoticon. They will use Macromedia Fireworks to create a cartoon character they designed in their Art lessons.

Image Representation


Macromedia Fireworks


Microsoft Office Skills

English – Pupils focus on their own self-image and look at representation of image in both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Creative Writing


Inference and Deduction


Performance Skills

STRIPE Festivals

Innovate and Create


Experiment with techniques


Take risks and try new things


Create new ideas


Develop ideas and methods


Design and Technology – Pupils will explore cultural influences to develop a recipe and method for producing a chocolate treat. Students also explore packaging, sustainability and branding.




Sensory Analysis


Vacuum Forming


Art – Using a variety of medium including clay, oil pastel and paint, pupils are to create a mask in the theme of a festival.

Design Skills




Colour Theory


History – Pupils learn about different festivals throughout history including Medieval festivals, the Queen’s Jubilee and American Independence Da. They will then design and present their own version or a Festival based on their studies.

PPT Presentation and Communication


Design and Creativity



STRIPE Superpowers



Adapt behaviour


Listen and respond actively


Contribute regularly


Effectively join in

DT – Pupils will learn about Smart Materials and their working properties and contextualise them into Superhero powers. They will then design and make a board game featuring their Smart Material superpowers using Adobe Illustrator.

Design Skills


Smart Materials


Adobe Illustrator


Maths – Pupils to develop their participation skills whilst designing a board game linked to DT. In Maths pupils will work out the probability of a dice and use a tessellation to design a supervillain.



3D Nets




Computing –Pupils will be using Flowol to write programs on a variety of stimulations and testing their code to see if it works as expected. Pupils will write code to program the BBC Microbit, which will be used to create an interactive game using Scratch or Mission Maker.

Flowol Skills


Scratch Skills


Mission Maker Skills


Coding Skills

STRIPE World at Risk

Effective Enquirer


Ask questions


Research and investigate


Summarise information


Analyse and draw conclusions

Science – Pupils research the interdependence of living organisms on each other and the threats that they face.

Scientific Enquiry skills




End of Topic Test

Geography – Pupils will explore three issues facing the planet; habitat loss, waste and climate change.

Data interpretation Skills


Analysis and Evaluation Skills

English – Pupils investigate the effects of waste and look at what can be done to make the world a more eco-friendly place.

Proactive Thinking


Presenting an advert