Data Collection

It is very important that we have up -to-date contact details for students and their contacts on our records. If there are changes to a home address, telephone number or email address for your child, yourself or other contacts please let us know by completing the form below: 

John Taylor High School is going to be using SIMS Parent to review the data we hold about our students. This supports GDPR data accuracy by collecting the most up-to-date data on students and contacts, as well supporting the safe transfer of data. Parents/Carers will receive a registration email from [email protected] which includes a registration link and unique invite code. Once you have registered for the service you can log in here -


Which contacts can view and update the Data Collection Sheet in SIMS Parent?

Data Collection is available to users only if all of the following permission requirements are satisfied in our school database:

  • Contact lives at the same address as the child
  • Contact has parental responsibility
  • Contact is a Priority 1 or Priority 2 contact
  • Contact does not have a court order against them”

Data Collection Sheet

Data Collection Sheet for completion by parents and carers of current students

Student's Details