Student Support - Sixth Form

Meet the Sixth Form Team

The majority of our students select 3 A Levels or the equivalent vocational qualifications as their core academic programme. This is supplemented by a personal support programme, delivered through a daily 30-minute session and one weekly 50-minute session. It is vitally important to us that our students have more to offer than just their exam results when applying to their next opportunity. Our enrichment programme ensures that all students develop new skills and provides them with a balanced education and an impressive curriculum vitae. We have an ethos and culture which welcomes and supports all students.

As well as a specialist group of Personal Tutors and excellent teaching staff, who are able to support students through their Sixth Form studies and future applications, we have a dedicated team of staff who support students throughout their time in our Sixth Form.


Alison Spencer

Mrs A Spencer
Assistant Headteacher: Director of Post 16

David Brackstone
Mr D Brackstone
Head of Year 12


Mr Rostron

Mr L Rostron
Head of Year 13


The Head of Year is responsible for student’s holistic development, including their overall progress and attainment, personal and social development, behaviour and wellbeing.


Miss N Clayton
Year 12 Progress Leader
Jane Cotterill
Mrs J Cotterill
Year 13 Progress Leader

The Progress Leader is responsible for supporting the Head of Year, working with students, Curriculum Area Leaders and subject teachers to ensure students achieve their full potential.

A Spurrier (75 x 105)

Miss A Spurrier
Sixth Form Administrator & Work Related Learning Coordinator

Mrs L Heathcote
Sixth Form Pastoral Support & DDSL

The Tutor Team 2023-24

Year 12

J: Mrs J Cotterill & Mrs S Abbott
S: Miss N Clayton & Mrs N Nazir
I: Mrs J Budge & Mrs J Berry
X: Mrs K Grewock
T: Mrs R Starbuck
H: Miss F Measures & Mrs S Woodings
F: Mrs V Roe

Year 13

J: Mrs H Coldicott & Ms K Jones
S: Mrs C Nurse & Mr A Clarke
I: Miss Senior
X: Mr M Jones
T: Mrs A Ball & Mr A Clarke
H: Mrs E Callaway & Ms K Jones
F: Mr T Burton



Our communication policy is to respond to parental enquiries within two working days. For general enquiries about your child, please make contact with the Head of Year. For subject specific enquiries please follow the link to the staffing page to identify who best to contact. This information can be found here. Please then complete the Contact Form on the website or email [email protected] and the message will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.


Morning Registration 9.00am to 9.30am (Students should arrive at 8.55am for a prompt 9.00am start)

Morning registration is an important part of our students daily routine. The Personal Tutor will provide both one to one and group support to ensure that students develop into well-rounded individuals who are well equipped to adapt to the challenges of Post 18 pathways. There will be a weekly schedule of activities for each tutor group comprising of Safeguarding information, Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, PSHE, news /current affairs, skill development and sharing of information related to each specific year group. Tutors will also be ensuring that students are ready for the day ahead, including personal presentation, equipment and sharing key notices. As a reminder, the dress code is available on the school website Students should also ensure that they have the basic equipment with them every day.


Assemblies (Students should arrive at 8.55am for a 9.00am prompt start)

Students have year group assemblies, usually once a week. These will take place in either the Hall or Sportshall. This information will be communicated with students through the daily bulletin. Assemblies will focus on a specific theme each week, most assemblies will be hosted by the Head of Year and some themes may be delivered by other school staff and outside speakers. Assemblies are a vital part of student's wider education incorporating Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education as well as Safeguarding and Personal, Social and Health Education. In addition, students will receive information about Student Finance UCAS next steps, employment and apprenticeships.


Leadership Opportunities

We believe that through leadership, students are able to develop many transferable skills, including those of strategic thinking and creative problem solving, as well as vital life and employability skills, such as working positively with a wide range of people, organisational abilities and communicating effectively. As senior members of the school community, many of our Sixth Form already hold positions of responsibility, however, throughout the year students will be informed about further opportunities to support students in Upper and Lower School and the wider community. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage students to put themselves forward for these opportunities over the coming year.



Each term we will be holding Celebration of Achievement assemblies. We would like to encourage you to keep us informed of successes and achievements outside of school so we can congratulate our Sixth Form students.