Exam Board: Edexcel *


Course Content:

Component 1:  Devising

Coursework - 40% of the qualification

Students devise an original performance piece, using one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli. Performer or designer routes available.


Internally assessed and externally moderated. There are two parts to the assessment:

  • written/recorded portfolio which analyses and evaluates the rehearsal process
  • the devised performance/design realisation

Component 2:  Text in Performance

Coursework - 20% of the qualification

Students practically prepare a group performance/design realisation from extracts of a performance text.

Students practically prepare a monologue or duologue performance/design realisation from a different performance text.


Externally assessed by a visiting examiner. No written coursework


Component 3:  Theatre Makers in Practice

Written Examination: 2 hours 30 minutes - 40% of the qualification


Section A: Live Theatre Evaluation

Students are required to analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance they have seen during the course, in response to a given statement. Students are allowed to bring in theatre evaluation notes.


Section B: Page to Stage: Realising a Performance Text

From practical exploration and study of a play-text, students will demonstrate how they, as theatre makers, intend to realise the extract in performance. Students answer from the perspective of a performer and a designer.


Section C: Interpreting a Performance Text

Practical exploration and interpretation of another complete performance text, in light of a chosen practitioner – focusing on how this text could be reimagined for a contemporary audience, demonstrating an awareness of the performance text in its original performance conditions.


Career Opportunities:

The course provides a good foundation for students going on to higher education. Many students progress to working in theatre (Inc. performance, stage management, design, direction, production). In addition, students are employed in professional fields such as Broadcasting, Drama Therapy, Arts Administration, Event Management and Legal professions.


Entry Requirements:

Grade 6 GCSE Drama. Students who have not studied Drama at GCSE will be welcome (will require Grade 6 English).



*Course is subject to change once other examination boards release information about alternative courses