Extended Project

Exam Board: AQA



Course Content:

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a major piece of individual research in which students have an opportunity to explore a topic or a question that is of particular interest to them. This could relate to future studies or career or just an area of interest. They are able to extend their knowledge and showcase their skills especially planning, research, critical thinking and evaluation. This course is an enrichment subject and should be taken alongside 3 other A Levels or equivalent subjects. Research has shown that a strong performance in EPQ correlates with a high degree award.


To help prepare students to complete their project they receive taught skills sessions covering areas such as planning tools, research methods and referencing, critical thinking and presentation skills.



EPQ assesses across the key evidence submitted for the project. This must include:


  • A completed log book which follows the ‘journey’ of the project.
  • The project itself - usually a 5000 word report or an artefact, for example an art piece, computer program, event, plus a minimum 1000 word report.
  • A presentation covering all aspects of the project process to a non-specialist invited audience.

There are four assessment objectives, which are assessed across all of this evidence, relating to:


  • Managing the process
  • Using resources
  • Developing and realising the outcome
  • Reviewing the process

Career Opportunities:

This qualification reflects the skills universities and employers demand such as independent working, planning and research skills.


Entry Requirements:

Good GCSE passes in all subjects.