Exam Board: AQA


Course Content:

Subject Content Social issues and trends - Aspects of French Speaking Society: Current Trends

  • Political and artistic culture - Artistic culture in the French speaking world and aspects of political life in the French speaking world
  • Grammar
  • Literary texts and films
  • Individual Research Project


This qualification is linear.  Students will sit examinations at the end of their two-year course.


100% examination

Paper 1 – Listening, reading and writing – 2 hours 30 minutes/50% of A level

Paper 2 – Writing – 2 hours/20% of A level

Paper 3 – Speaking – 21-23 minutes (including 5 minutes’ preparation time) / 30% of A level


Career Opportunities:

The course is a good foundation for students going on to higher education. Students of French have gone on to diverse subjects including: Law, Medicine, Marketing, Business, Travel and Tourism, Translating, Teaching, Engineering, as well as many others.


Entry Requirements:

Grade 7 GCSE French