Further Mathematics

Exam Board: AQA


Course Content:

Running alongside the A-Level Mathematics course students will study a range of additional pure and applied topics.  The following are a selection of the Pure topics that will be studied in Further Maths: Complex Numbers, Further Algebra and Functions, Further Calculus, Further Vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions, Proof, Matrices, Differential Equations, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry.


The Applied topics are to be taken from Further Mechanics and Decision Maths. Mechanics will include Dimensional Analysis, Momentum and Collisions, Work, Energy and Power, Circular Motion, Centres of Mass and Moments. Decision Maths, will include Graphs and Graph Theory (not graphs as you know it from GCSE), Networks, Network Flows, Linear Programming, Critical Path Analysis, Binary Operations and Group Theory.


Course Delivery

Further Maths is currently taught in 5 Enrichment Periods. You will have two teachers teaching either 3 or 2 x 50min lessons per week. As this subject is taken as an additional qualification there will be considerable demands on your time and you will need to be an organised, dedicated Maths student and prepared to work hard.


Prior to starting on the A Level course, students are expected to complete the same Summer Transition Booklet as A-Level Maths students. Students will also be internally tested within their first 2 weeks of starting the course to ascertain their suitably to cope with the demands of A-Level Maths and Further Maths.



This qualification is linear.  100% examination



Career Opportunities:

Further Maths is highly regarded by Universities and employers who recognise it is the only A-Level qualification whose pre-requisite is that you study another A-Level, that being Maths. As well as for many Maths course more universities are asking for Further Maths for Engineering and other non-Maths specific courses.


Students can pursue degrees in Engineering, IT, Medicine, Media, Computer Games, Finance, Teaching, Food Technology, Graphics, Transport and the Environment. 


Entry Requirements:

Students studying the new 9-1 GCSE Maths are required to have at least a Grade 7, although a Grade 8/9 is recommended and desirable for taking Further Maths.


As Further Maths is taken as an enrichment subject and will be on top of a Maths A-Level, a love of Maths is a pre-requisite! The demands placed on a student is significant and should only be considered if you are also highly able at Maths but the rewards will be worth it. Students will need to continue to make good progress in their normal A-Level Maths studies. Students not demonstrating expected progress with their A-Level Maths may not be able to continue with Further Maths as an Enrichment in order to secure the maximum success in their core A-Levels.