Physical Education

Exam Board: OCR


Course Content:

Theory - 70%

Physiological Factors - Anatomy & Physiology based. A detailed look into the Muscular, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, including a section on the application of biomechanical principles in sport. Psychological Factors: How we learn and improve both motor and perceptual skills and theories behind leadership and group dynamics.


Psychological Factors - This component focuses on the psychological factors affecting physical activities and sports. This includes models and theories that affect learning and performance in physical activities, how different methods of training and feedback work and why their effectiveness differs from person to person.  It also includes psychological factors affecting group dynamics and the effects of leadership and stress on performers.


Socio Cultural and Contemporary Factors - Focussed around current trends in Sport and PE in the UK and world, including the modern technological influence on sport.


Practical Assessment 30% - Candidates are assessed in 1 approved sporting activity. It will be based on technical ability.


Coursework - There is one piece of coursework based on an approved sport. It will involve evaluating performance and planning for improvement.



Theory Exam 1 (2 hours) - Physiological Factors Affecting Performance 90 marks

(30% Total A Level)


Theory Exam 2 (1 hour) - Psychological Factors Affecting Performance 60 marks

(20% Total A Level)


Theory Exam 3 (1 Hour) - Socio Cultural and Contemporary Issues 60 marks

(20% Total A Level)


Practical (15%) & Coursework (15%) - Performance in Physical Education 60 marks

(30% Total A Level)


70% Theory, 30% Practical (of which 15% is Coursework)


Career Opportunities:

A-level PE is now recognised as an academic A-level suitable for university, college or other higher education entrance. It is especially useful for careers or higher education courses in: PE/Sport, Sport Science, Science, Recreation/Leisure Management, Physiotherapy, Sports Psychology, Teaching/Coaching, Public Relations, Health & Fitness Industry, Professional Sport but is widely accepted for a lot of other courses/careers, i.e. Police Force, Armed Forces, Business Degrees, Science related degrees.


Entry Requirements:

 Grade 6 in GCSE PE and an ability to play/coach 1 sport to a good standard