Exam Board: AQA


Course Content: Year 1

Students will study Materials, Mechanics, Electricity and Waves, building on content studied at GCSE, as well as being introduced to the topics of Particles and Quantum Phenomena. In addition, they will study Measurements and their Errors, giving them the necessary skills to complete six required practical activities in Year 1.


Course Content: Year 2

Students will continue their study of Mechanics as well as the nature of Fields. Nuclear and Thermal Physics is followed by the option of studying Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning Points or Electronics to complete the course (Note: at John Taylor, all students are taught the ‘Turning Points in Physics’ option). As part of the Year 2 course, they will also complete six further required practical activities.



This qualification is linear; students will sit all exams at the end of their two-year course.


100% examination across 3 papers, one of which includes 50% of questions on the option module and 50% based on the skills developed from the twelve required practical activities carried out across the year.


Students who demonstrate the required standard across all the practical requirements will also receive a ‘pass’ grade for the practical endorsement alongside their A level grade.


Career Opportunities:

The course provides a firm foundation for students if they wish to continue to higher education (not just for Science degrees) but is also held in high regard by many employers. In addition to the more obvious Physics-specific degrees such as Physics, Theoretical Physics, Medical Physics and Astronomy, it is also a useful grounding (and sometimes an essential pre-requisite) for the study of many other degrees such Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Materials Science, all types of Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical and Aeronautical), Mathematics and of course Teaching!


Entry Requirements:

GCSE grade 6/6 in Combined Science or GCSE grade 6 in Physics and a GCSE grade 6 in either Biology or Chemistry. In addition, we require a GCSE grade 7 in Maths and GCSE grade 6 in English.